It’s that time of year again, with the new year comes new goals & new resolutions, but how long can you really keep them? If you set yourself up properly you can ensure you will uphold your New Year’s resolution all year long!

Start first with a simple idea; to go from not working out to your goal is to work out 6x a week can be out of reach. If you start small and work your way up, you’re less likely to stop along the way, or cave in completely.

Along those lines, it needs to be realistic. To have a goal of seeing every country this year is a bit far-fetched; however, if you make a goal of traveling to one new place this year, that can be more attainable.

Make a plan and map out a timeline. When you are able to meet smaller goals along the way, it is easier to reach your end goal without losing sight. If your goal is to travel; start with local places or put together a timeline of when you want to go and work backward taking into consideration cost, time away from work and other obligations, etc.

One of the most important ways to ensure you stick to your resolution is to have someone to hold you accountable. You’ve got a goal of working so many times per week but you’re tired after work or you’d rather hang out with friends (we get it!) but having someone check in on you to be sure you’ve worked out; or better, they work out with you, will result in reaching your goal. When you have someone who cares about you and your plan - it makes it much easier to accomplish!

Happy New Year, We Wish You a Happy & Prosperous 2019!